SA7 SA8 SA8 with SA8/1 accesory plate

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Vortex Mixers - SA7, SA8

These laboratory vortex mixers allows scientists to control the mixing speed by selecting from 200rpm for more gentle mixing to 2500rpm for vigorous agitation. Choose between `touch' on mode and continuous operation simply by pressing a button on the facia. Robust die-cast body avoids unnecessary movement during use. The ergonomic low profile design makes everyday vortexing comfortable for the user. Integral retort rod fixing allows vessels to be secured above the vortex action for long-term mixing.

The SA8 can mix a variety of other vessels when used in conjunction with the SA8/1 accessory pack.

Fixed speed 2500 rpm
Ergonomic design with low profile
Robust die cast base avoids unnecessary movement during use
Powerful vortex mixing action - ideal for a range of tubes
Integral retort rod fixing

Variable speed control between 200 and 2500 rpm
Intermittent or continuous mode
Stable low profile body
Robust die-cast construction

Accessory Pack
For use with SA8, pack contains:
1 x plastic cradle for standard microtitre plate
1 x circular foam insert for beakers and flasks (up to 500ml capacity)
1 x rectangular foam insert (holds 8 x 0.2ml, 8 x 0.5ml and 16 x 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes)
1 x solid rectangular foam insert (blank for custom holes)
Please note: The microtitre plate holder SA8/1 should not be used at speeds above 800rpm

Description Vortex mixer, fixed speed Vortex mixer, variable speed
Speed Fixed 2500 rpm 200 to 2500rpm
Orbit diameter 4.2mm 4.2mm
Dimensions (w x d x h) 135 x 215 x 78mm 135 x 215 x 78mm
Net weight 3.2kg 3.2kg
Electrical Supply 120-230V, 50-60Hz, 50W 120-230V, 50-60Hz, 50W

Model Description
SA7 Vortex mixer, fixed speed
SA8 Vortex mixer, variable speed
SA8/1 Accessory pack (for use with SA8 only)

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