SB16/6 SB16/7 and SB16/5 Baths SB160 with SB16/1 cover

A complete range of accessories is available for Stuart hotplates and stirrers (160 x 160mm plate size). From protecting the equipment to bringing solutions for heating different shape vessels, these accessories are the safe and easy way to get the most from your hotplate.

Protective Covers

Fits snugly around the outercase
Economic protection against spillage of chemicals
Resistant to most common chemicals and solvents
Manufactured from silicone rubber

Hotplate/Stirrer Accessories

Oil / Water Bath

Robust aluminium construction
Safe alternative to using glass containers
Cool phenolic handles
Four feet to secure the bath onto the plate
Large 2 litre capacity

Sand Bath

Round bottom flask block

Perfect to dry heat test tubes or any small vessels.
Robust aluminium construction
Four feet to prevent the bath from moving off the plate
1 litre capacity
Transform hotplates into heating mantles!
Robust aluminium block with securing feet
Four different sized holes for 25ml, 50ml, 100ml and 250ml round bottom flasks.
Pre-drilled hole for thermometer or other types of temperature probe

Model Description
SB16/1 Protection cover hotplate or stirrer only
SB16/2 Protection cover stirrer/hotplate analogue
SB16/3 Protection cover stirrer/hotplate digital
SB16/4 Protection cover hotplate digital
SB16/5 Oil / water bath
SB16/6 Flask block
SB16/7 Sand bath
SR1 Retort rod

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