Accessory Heating Blocks for the Undergrad Range of Hotplate Stirrers

- Turn your hotplate into a heating mantle
- Flexible modular system
- Range of sizes available up to 500ml
- Cleanest and safest way to heat round bottom flasks

The Stuart range of heating blocks have been developed in conjunction with DrySyn to provide the best possible solution for heating round bottom flasks. Combined with the Stuart range of undergrad hotplates and hotplate stirrers*, the Stuart heating blocks provide the cleanest and safest method for synthesis for single of multiple reactions, whilst giving equal or better heating performance than silicon oil.

The modular nature of the Stuart heating block system gives you the greatest degree of flexibility, two sizes of base plates are available to accommodate up to three blocks each, SHB100BASE can take blocks for up to 100ml flasks while the SHB250BASE accepts blocks for up to 250ml flasks. Handy cost saving starter kits are also available, combining the base plate with a selection of blocks to get you up and running. All block sizes are also available separately in packs of three.

For larger volume reactions a third base plate is available, the SHB1000BASE accepts a single insert for up to 500ml and also includes heat resistant handles for safe and easy lifting.

The high quality anodised blocks offer excellent chemical and solvent resistance, and the low well has been proven to offer excellent temperature transfer without compromising your view of the reaction or risking cracking the glassware. The low well also ensures that the blocks are compatible with multi neck flasks.

The Stuart Undergrad hotplates are provided with an integrated fitment for a standard retort rod, this combined with the three position accessory clamp provides the most effective way of securely holding multiple flasks simultaneously. Accessory clamps are available in two sizes to offer the best fit for both base plate sizes.

Stuart heating blocks are compatible with the undergrad range of hotplates, and each block includes a probe hole to house the Stuart SCT1 temperature controller probe, allowing accurate control of the block temperature whilst on the Stuart hotplate.

Ordering Information

Model Description
SHB100KIT9 Stuart heating blocks kit: including flat base plate SHB100BASE and (3 x 25ml SHB25ML), (3 x 50mlSHB50ML) and (3 x 100ml SHB100ML) lnserts.
SHB100KIT3 Stuart heating blocks kit: Base with (1 x 25ml), (1 x 50ml) and (1 x 100ml) lnserts
SHB250KIT6 Stuart heating blocks kit: including flat base SHB250BASE (3x250ml SHB250ML) and (3x100ml SHB100ML) lnserts.
SHB250KIT3 Stuart heating blocks kit: including base SHB250BASE with (3x250ml SHB250ML)lnserts
SHB100BASE Stuart heating blocks flat base, up to 100ml
SHB250BASE Stuart heating blocks flat base, up to 250ml
SHB5ML Stuart heating blocks 5ml lnserts, pack of 3
SHB10ML Stuart heating blocks 10ml lnserts, pack of 3
SHB25ML Stuart heating blocks 25ml lnserts, pack of 3
SHB50ML Stuart heating blocks 50ml lnserts, pack of 3
SHB100ML Stuart heating blocks 100ml lnserts, pack of 3
SHB250ML Stuart heating blocks 250ml lnserts, pack of 3
SHB100CLAMP Stuart 3-position Clamp for use with SHB100BASE
SHB250CLAMP Stuart 3-position Clamp for use with SHB250BASE
SHB1000KIT Stuart large heating blocks kit: including 1000ml flat base and 4 adapters for 50ml, 100ml, 250ml and 500ml.
SHB1000BASE Stuart large heating block base only
SHB50C Stuart large heating block 50ml lnsert
SHB100C Stuart large heating block 100ml lnsert
SHB250C Stuart large heating block 250ml lnsert
SHB500C Stuart large heating block 500ml lnsert

*Please note heating blocks can only be used with the Stuart range of metal top hotplates/ hotplate stirrers and are not suitable for use with ceramic top hotplate/ hotplate stirrers.

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