Water Stills

Water distillation is very important in science and research and there are 3 levels of specification to choose from in the Bibby scientific water still range:

Fully automatic, borosilicate glass stills with silica sheathed heaters. Available with outputs of 4 or 8 litres/hr single distilled or a double unit producing 4 litres/hr of double distilled water. This type of water distillation specification is capable of being converted to pre-treated feed to remove the need for descaling.

Economical borosilicate glass still with silica sheathed heater. Produces 4 litres/hr single distilled water. For this type of water distillation system, a safety device is included which turns off the heater and prevents overflow when the collecting reservoir is full.

This is a simplistic water distillation device that comprises of a glass water still with long life metal heater and twin safety thermostats. The Merit water distillation system is ideal for schools and colleges.

Merit water still

Distinction water still

Aquatron water still

Aquatron Deioniser