Block Heaters

A block heater provides a source of precise heating for many sensitive analytical procedures. Through choice of block, a wide variety of tubes and vessels can be accommodated in a standard unit.

The Stuart range of block heaters are available in two or three block versions and dual control models, where two blocks can be held at independent temperatures. Digital models are available in 130°C or 200°C versions, with an analogue 130°C version also available. For users who are looking to improve the speed of sample concentration, the Stuart sample concentrator is available, where a gas chamber delivers an inert gas into the sample tubes to reduce vapour concentration in the tube and encourage evaporation.

Block Heater, 2 Block, Analogue

Block Heater, 2 Block, Digital

Block Heater, 3 Block, Digital

Block Heater, Dual control, Digital

Sample concentrator

Aluminium Blocks

Flexi Block